About Me

Hi, I'm 0xManny. Welcome to my website!

I'm a Web3 evangelist, data analyst, and lifelong student of all things crypto.

Currently I am pursuing a Master's in Analytics and Data Science from Georgia Tech where I lead the DeFi and Development committee for the blockchain club. I have experience in academia as a tutor, TA, and research assistant in addition to Web2 roles in consulting and engineering.

In May of 2022 I decided to pursue Web3 full-time because I believe blockchain technology will create a better future. A decentralized, transparent, turing complete ledger is a powerful tool enabling amazing innovations! I'm most interested in developments in DeFi because of the instantaneous access to permissionless global markets. Specifically, stablecoins, derivatives, and decentralized exchanges.

Sometimes I share interesting things on Twitter, feel free to follow me (DMs always open)!

Analytics Projects

Joepegs NFT Marketplace

A performance dashboard which monitors volume, sales, and user interaction.

Dune Python Avalanche

Velodrome Finance Locks

A dashboard to track the lock duration, unlock schedule, and user behavior for $VELO tokens.

Flipside Python Optimism

Polygon vs Ethereum

Analyzing correlation between network activity, transaction fees, reliability, and user groups.

Flipside Python

Arbitrum vs BSC

Analyzing the difference between Arbitrum and BSC transaction volume, frequency, and user groups.

Flipside Python

Curve Pool Statistics

A dashboard to view pool liquidity, swap volume, and asset proportions base and meta pools.

Dune Ethereum

MIM Peg Tracker

A dashboard to track the MIM curve pool during unprecidented market conditions.

Dune Ethereum

veJOE Calculator

An open-source interface for yield farmers to estimate their boosted rewards

JavaScript GQL Avalanche

$CEL Short Squeeze

A convenient location to track the #CELShortSqueeze. Featured in the Dune Digest.

Dune Ethereum

How Rekt Are JPEGs?

At the depths of the bear market, we all were wondering... Featured in the Dune Digest.

Dune Ethereum

Exponential Capital Dashboard

Statistics portal for a Farm, Trade, Seed as a Service protocol.

Dune Ethereum

The DOGE NFT Dashboard

Successfully completed a Layer3 bounty analyzing metrics for the $DOG token.

Dune Pleasr DAO Ethereum